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neoGRID hangs parallel to the ceiling and adds depth to
Les grilles neoGRID sont installées parallèles au plafond et ajoutent de la profondeur aux decors tout en absorbant les ondes sonores présentes dans la pièce pour créer un environnement plus silencieux.nterior designs while absorbing sound and creating a quieter environment.
Perfect for use in open office spaces and conference rooms or as a focal point in areas directly above noisy meeting places.
Available in a variety of sizes and designs and can be customised.

  • Class 1 fire rating CAN UL-S.102

  • Panel thickness: 18mm

  • Panel height: 6" / 8" / 12" / 16"

  • Includes 2mm architectural steel cables and hardware

  • Excellent performance

  • VOC free, no chemical irritants, free of harmful substances

  • Contain up to 80% recycled materials

  • ÜNO felt and acoustic laminate are 100% recyclable

          Density               125            250            500              1000            2000              4000             NRC
           40%              0.37        0.75         0.99           1.22          1.18            1.14          1.05
           70%              0.42        0.85         1.12           1.25          1.20            1.15          1.15

neoGRID blade height

  • 6" (150mm) 

  • 8" (200mm) 

  • 12" (300mm) 

  • 16" (400mm)


Regular maintenance

Protect from direct heat and sunlight.

To prevent dust build up, lightly dust with a soft cloth or vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Please Note


neoGRID should be removed from the ceiling to ensure it can be cleaned safely.


It is recommended that spot cleaning only is used and that it is carried out by a professional cleaner.


Spot Cleaning


Professional cleaning is always recommended.

Always test any cleaning products on an inconspicuous area prior to commencing cleaning.

Blot any excess spills from the material with a dry clean sponge or cloth.

Treat all stains and spills as soon as possible.

Most marks can be spot cleaned by lightly wetting the affected area with a mild detergent and warm water


Do not saturate the panel.

Do not scrub or abrade the panel as this will affect the surface finish.

Once the stain or mark has been loosened then blot the excess solution out with a dry clean cloth.

Sponge afterwards with clean warm water and mop any excess moisture with a dry clean sponge or cloth.

The surface can also be spot cleaned with dry cleaning fluid. Lightly sponge a small amount of dry cleaning fluid

and blot.

Dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

Avoid the use of carpet shampoos.